Our team of consultants serve as trusted advisors to nonprofits throughout Central Texas. We customize each project to meet your goals and organization’s real-time needs.

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A Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


Consulting engagements are designed and priced based on your nonprofit’s current growth opportunities. We provide services in these general areas, but also welcome the opportunity to customize a project for your unique needs.


Strategic Business Planning

Determine your organization’s goals and how to accomplish them.

With us as your guide, together we’ll assess your mission statement, core programs and external identity to map out your organization’s future. You’ll come away with a living document, designed to help you make tough organizational decisions, and effectively share your impact with potential funders and partners.


Earned Revenue

Develop an earned revenue stream to diversify your organization’s funding sources.

Earned revenue presents an opportunity for your nonprofit to capitalize on something you may already do. Together, we’ll identify and validate potential earned-revenue ideas that align with your mission, with the ultimate goal of reducing your reliance on philanthropic support.


Mergers and Strategic Partnerships

Achieve shared goals and extend your impact by exploring partnerships and collaborative approaches.

By participating in meaningful, productive partnerships, you gain more resources to work toward your mission, measure your success, demonstrate results, and improve the lives of those you serve. We consult at all stages of mergers, from the initial conversations of understanding what a merger would look like to facilitating the signing of legal documentation to finalize the process.


Leadership Transitions

Create a comprehensive strategy to seamlessly transition your organization to new leadership.

Together, we’ll think through what kind of nonprofit you want to become, and what leadership will help you get there. Through a comprehensive assessment, we’ll develop an informed job posting, identify where and how to post the position, strategically leverage your networks to reach the ideal candidates, and help you navigate the hiring process to transition the right leader into your organization.


Group Facilitation

Address, build and manage the resources you need to ensure organizational stability.

We’ll lead your team through assessments to identify and address internal issues in two categories; Culture and Core Values and the Nonprofit Effectiveness Framework. Based on the assessment results, we’ll facilitate visioning sessions to identify and focus on your nonprofit’s real-time needs. Together, we’ll determine how you can maximize and adapt your existing resources to better power your mission.


Board Governance

Ground your board with a deeper understanding of core roles and responsibilities.

To be a truly healthy and thriving organization, it’s imperative to have a supportive and engaged board invested in the success of the nonprofit. Our proven, but flexible, methodology for board advancement and training is based on best practices in the industry and our experience leading dozens of nonprofit board consulting engagements in the last few years.


Data & Evaluation Capacity Building

Build your data and evaluation skills.

Do you or your team want to dive deeper into using data to help improve your programs and services? From facilitated data parties and meetings to customized trainings, we can help you improve your use of data.


User Centered Insights

Incorporate an iterative, user-centered approach to how you serve. 

Do you have a product, program, or service that you are interested in testing or scaling, but are not sure where to start? Combining approaches from user experience research and developmental program evaluation, we can help you gather the insights you need to improve the experience of your end-users, increase adoption and use rates, and align how your service is designed with your users’ needs.


Data Communication and Insights

Gain the insights you need to improve your programs, services, and reports.

Are you writing a report or using data to explain your theory of change? Are you a data producer or data intermediary? Taking a user-centered approach, we can help you get the insights you need to improve the experience of your end-user.

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  • Mission Capital staff have an excellent understanding of what it takes to run a nonprofit. They provide concrete strategies for nonprofits to improve programs, operations and impact.

    Steve ElliotExecutive Director of Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas
  • Mission Capital helped SFC during a period of change and growth, first through their executive transitions program, then with strategic planning and board development. Our staff and board leadership are stronger because of their valuable work.

    Ronda RutledgeExecutive Director of the Sustainable Food Center
  • With Mission Capital, we have been clued into best practices and resources that would have been hard to come by on our own.

    Megan BuchananFinancial Literacy Coalition
  • By working with Mission Capital in a consulting engagement, really you’re investing in yourselves and you’re investing in the long-term success of your organization.

    Mike NellisCEO of Austin Community Foundation
  • We knew where we wanted to get to, but not how to get there. Mission Capital helped us get there.

    Cara FoxExecutive Director of the Christi Center
  • Mission Capital was great at helping us to move forward. They are a vital organization and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with them.

    Charlene Orr Board Chair of Preservation Texas
  • Mission Capital brings a unique skill of observation and awareness of stated (and unstated) issues. The number of projects they’ve worked on and organizations they’ve worked with brings a lot of credibility to their recommendations. That’s priceless.

    Jim SusmanPresident of AIA Austin
  • What Mission Capital brings to a consulting engagement is a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective, support to the organization and the ability to ask hard questions to get that organization to think about their work in different ways.

    Mike NellisCEO of Austin Community Foundation