Articles posted by "Tara Kirkland"

The 5 Horrors of Strategic Planning

With many strategic planning facilitations under our belts, we have a few horror stories that keep us up at night.

3 Simple Tips for Sharing Your Data

Translating pages of statistics into key points can be daunting, but if your audience isn’t getting anything out of your graphs, then what’s the point?

Moving Beyond the Grant

If your organization is looking to grow or expand the number of people you serve or deepen your impact, let’s face it, you’ll have to get creative.

5 Steps to De-Risk Program Design

By incorporating design thinking elements into nonprofit planning, you test assumptions before investing resources.

Network Approach to Leadership

This interview with Heather McLeod Grant discusses a network approach to leadership in order to create systemic change.

How to Approach Strategic Planning like a Nonprofit Consultant

Every nonprofit ought to have a clear direction, but the strategic planning process can be complex. Our approach ensures that you come out with a helpful planning tool.

A Focus on Purpose, not Tax Status

What’s in a name? We used to be called “charities.” Now we’re called “nonprofits.” Can’t we do better than describing our work in terms of what it is not?

A New Vision Means New Offerings

As you read in Matt’s recent blog post, Greenlights has a bold new vision for our community. On the road to setting this vision, we realized that if our most stubborn community problems were really going to get solved, we’d need to rethink the programs and services we’ve traditionally offered.

Making the Case for “Overhead:” What You Need to Know

A powerful chorus of leaders in the nonprofit world is voicing concerns about how we measure “quality” in the nonprofit world. As a nonprofit leader, there’s perhaps never been a better time for you to talk frankly about what your organization really needs to produce true results over time.