Articles posted by "Marisa Zappone"

The Imperative for Impact

Data plays a vital role in helping our organizations become more effective and efficient.

Track Toward Strategic Goals

Implementing a process for collecting data and metrics at pre-determined, regular intervals can help effectively work toward and measure your strategic goals.

5 Steps to Creating and Using a Nonprofit Dashboard

Internal evaluation may sound intimidating, but it starts with regularly collecting and discussing data.

Actionable Guide to Becoming an Effective Nonprofit

With the release of our new Effectiveness Framework, nonprofits are incorporating an “effectiveness lens” to their work.

It’s not a “Nonprofit Problem” it’s a Community Problem

The nonprofit sector is vital in addressing social challenges, but they can’t do it alone. How can YOU be part of the solution?

Developing a New Strategic Plan? Have You Considered Merger?

We also continue to consult with organizations pursuing merger, and recently published a qualitative study of nonprofit mergers in Central Texas.

New Research & Resources for Nonprofit Mergers & Collaborations

Greenlights recently released the report, Nonprofit Mergers: A Strategic Tool for Impact & Sustainability which offers in-depth insights into the nonprofit merger process.

Why It Makes Sense for Nonprofits To Focus on Contribution, Not Causation

In recent years nonprofits have begun to step up efforts to identify measurable outcomes, and then regularly collect and analyze their data to improve programs and services.

Sharing Your Impact: Combining Storytelling and Outcome Data

Nonprofits use storytelling as a way to share the impact of their work, illustrating a specific case of how one client was transformed by their efforts.

What You Should Know About Hard-to-Measure Outcomes

In 2013, Greenlights published research on the successes and challenges Central Texas nonprofits face in evaluating their programs and measuring results and impact.