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Texas Justice Initiative: When Qualitative Meets Quantitative

After founding the Texas Justice Initiative in 2017, Eva Ruth found that storytelling matters, yet it needed data, to put it into context. 

Foundation Communities: Making Sense of Data

Someone very wise once said, “Data is like garbage…you better know what you’re going to do with it before you collect it.”

Introducing Mission Capital’s Equity Advancement Team!

Equity Advancement Team is an internal group that was formed to help us explore definitions of equity as it relates to ourselves and our offerings. 

PelotonU: Using Data to Drive Student Success

While data-informed decision making has been at the core of PelotonU since its inception, they’ve continued to evolve their practices with time.

The Role of the Nonprofit Board in Financial Oversight

A nonprofit board can be a major asset if engaged properly, especially regarding finances. But, what exactly is the board’s role in financial oversight?

Can’t get news media coverage for your organization? This is why.

You’ve heard the saying “Everybody’s got a story.” Well it’s true, but some stories are just better than others. What’s yours?

Let America Be America Again

As our nation struggles to truly be a place where all citizens are valued and respected, each of us must be willing to examine and confront our own biases.

 The Danger of Dismissing Ideas Too Quickly

People are quick to perceive danger in new ideas, but there is also danger in not exploring new concepts.

Working Through Complex Challenges

How can you effectively drive change in your organization when faced with a “complex challenge”?

Why Your Nonprofit’s Success is In Your People

Successful companies, even those with little sense of social purpose, care deeply about helping staff reach their full potential.