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Lessons Learned from Building Collaboration

Our Aligned Impact Team has spent time dissecting the challenges of “coblaberation” to turn it into impactful collaboration. 

Are You Thinking About Succession?

Unlike a certain TV show may have you believe, succession planning does not have to be the dysfunctional fight to the death that the Roys make it out to be.

Our Path Towards Equity

CEO, Madge Vásquez, shares an update of Mission Capital’s “bumpy” journey towards equity, where we currently stand, and the road that lies ahead.

Texas Justice Initiative: When Qualitative Meets Quantitative

After founding the Texas Justice Initiative in 2017, Eva Ruth found that storytelling matters, yet it needed data, to put it into context. 

Q&A with New Board Chair, Thomas Miranda

Newly elect Mission Capital Board Chair, Thomas Miranda, answers our questions about the expectations of the role and the social sector in Central Texas.

The Myths of Earned Revenue

You might have heard several myths concerning earned revenue, dive in as we reveal the facts and clear the confusion around them.

SVP Impact Academy Graduates First Class

Three teams of SVPs and nonprofits embarked on a four-month journey of collaborating and co-creating business plans for earned revenue.

Foundation Communities: Making Sense of Data

Someone very wise once said, “Data is like garbage…you better know what you’re going to do with it before you collect it.”

Introducing Mission Capital’s Equity Advancement Team!

Equity Advancement Team is an internal group that was formed to help us explore definitions of equity as it relates to ourselves and our offerings. 

PelotonU: Using Data to Drive Student Success

While data-informed decision making has been at the core of PelotonU since its inception, they’ve continued to evolve their practices with time.

The Right Membership for Your Team

A breakdown of our new membership packages, so you can make the best decision to fit your nonprofit organization’s needs.

Going Global at the 2019 SVP Global Summit

Earlier this month at the annual SVP Global Summit, we shared best practices, learned from one another, cultivated relationships, and enjoyed the stunning surroundings in Vancouver. 



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